APL why loved we not more

This image was created with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique (explained here). Normally HDR is used to give both highlights and shadows in high-contrast scenes. The camera not moved when creating an HDR image, as it takes several exposures, e.g. shadow, midrange and highlight.

I have used (or misused) it here (and in other images) by deliberately moving the camera between exposures, then combining them in the computer with HDR software. I could do it by hand, but I like the randomness I get.

Anyway – the setting and the poem.

The base images, like those in In rooms you are not in, were taken in an old apartment overlooking Newmarket’s Main street. The apartment was about to be renovated, and had an abandoned, lonely feeling, with beautiful light. On a dirty, dusty windowsill I found this little scene with a broken mirror, a block of wood, a straw and some wires. I found it heartbreaking, for some reason.

The poem I wrote, why loved we not more, is not a haiku, though it has the same syllable count. There is no reference to nature, other than the light. It might be a senryu. I tried, through lack of cues like punctuation & capitals, and the fractured word order, to capture the mental anguish and chaos of a relationship recently broken down.

why loved we not more
when dust light came how through our
broken why windows

OK – here’s your chance:

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