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Night Streets
Night Streets
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Analog photography gallery

The Fallen - an exhibition from February, 2125

The Fallen – a Gallery from our climate-changed world, year 2125

Urban Imag(in)ing
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The PATH to Emptiness Gallery
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Time & Motion – How we see the world, always in a hurry!

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Travel – mainly some images from Dominican Republic

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I do not sell my work online, and I do not sell electronic copies. This allows me to maintain control of quality and quantity, and to hand number and sign the work. You can contact me to see what is available and discuss pricing.

Before I talk about pricing, though, a question: Why, in this screen-dominated age, would I buy a photographic print? There are many reasons.

  • First, it’s a real thing, an artifact, tangible. It has a physical presence. You can touch it (though please, not the actual image surface) and the photographer/artist touched it, signed it, numbered it, may have written details on the back or margin…
  • It’s probably way bigger than the screen of your phone or tablet.
  • It will be of a vastly superior quality than what your phone or tablet can reproduce.
  • It will outlast your digital images. Paper won’t crash.
  • If it’s on your wall, you’re going to spend time with it, and you will see new things in it. You can’t go uh-huh and just swipe past it.
  • You will see it in different lights. Sometimes, if it’s behind glass, you won’t really be able to see it – you’ll have to work at it a bit.
  • Your friends will see and admire it. It might start a conversation. And you won’t have to spend the time flipping through the hundreds of images on your phone.
  • You’ll own it. maybe others will own other copies, but this one is yours. Just yours. If it’s numbered, you have that sense of owning a rarity.
  • Watch the photographers in the Epson Print Your Legacy series on YouTube.

OK – so back to pricing. I can’t keep a running inventory with prices online (well, I could – I’m pretty good at the technology really), but to give you an idea, my pricing is based on the following factors:

  • The size of the work. I tend to stay with the traditional sizes or photographs, so most of my pieces are 11×17″ or smaller, down to 10×7″.
  • The number of prints in the edition, and the availability. Most of my works are limited to 3 or 5 prints, while some older images ran to as many as 10 prints. Occasionally, I will limit an image to one print. Most images also have one or two Artist Proofs. Smaller editions cost more, and I raise the price (gently) as the series sells out.
  • The complexity of the image. A technically difficult image like Kalashnikov’s Dream will cost more than an uncropped image that required little adjustment.
  • Framing, especially those images like Floating Dock that really should have museum glass to cut reflection of ambient light. I will sell unframed images.
  • The age of an image. Sometimes I sell off older work.
  • Whether I want the image out there. Canadian Idle and Canadian Idle-Ice Cap are signed but unlimited, and sell for about $100.

An image like Floating Dock, framed with museum glass, ~17×11″, will cost about $350.00. Images in the series The Fallen will cost about the same – they are very complex, with manipulated imagery and text, and are nearly sold out.

Full-size (~17×11″) Florals are in the $150-$200 range, and are usually limited to 3 or 5 prints.

Smaller images (~10×7″), like the series from Hadrian’s Wall or Newmarket’s Fairy Lake Boardwalk, are about $50 each, or $175 for a series of 4 images.

Please contact me to discuss sales. I will also lease within Newmarket.

Shows & Awards

Currently showing

Upcoming Shows

June 24 to July 22: NGA Group Exhibition, Georgina Art Centre & Gallery (Blue Stern)

December 9, 2019 to Jan 19, 2020: Aurora Public Library (10 images linked to haiku; details to follow)

Recent Shows

May 2018: NGA Southlake Spring Show, Southlake Health Centre, Newmarket (Bottles at the Forks)



Vaughan Juried Exhibition – Jurors’ Award of Merit: Floating Dock


Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts Juried Show – Best Photography: The Descent


Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts Juried Show – Best in Show/Jurors’ Choice Award: Canadian Idle
OSA Open Juried Show “Memory” – Japanese Paper Place Award: Too Cheap to Meter
Vaughan Juried Exhibition – Juror’s Award of Merit: Canadian Idle

Past Shows

Group Exhibitions include

Aurora Cultural Centre: 2010

Beaux-Arts Brampton Open Juried Show: 2016

Denne House, Newmarket – Ici Arte: 2015

Georgina Art Centre & Gallery: 2018

Latcham Gallery, Stouffville: 2011, 10, 06

Newmarket National 10-Minute Play Festival: 2017

Ontario Society of Artists OJE: 2018, 13, 11

Queen Gallery, Toronto: 2013, 12

Southlake Regional Health Centre: 2018, 17, 16, 14

Uxbridge Uxhibition: 2016, 15, 14, 12, 11, 09, 06

Vaughan Juried Exhibition: 2014, 13, 11

Studio Tours

Newmarket, King Twp, Uxbridge


Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, Ontario

Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, Newmarket, Ontario

161 Church Street Dentistry, Newmarket, Ontario

Various private collections, mainly in Ontario