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Analog photography gallery
Analog photography gallery

The Fallen - an exhibition from February, 2125

The Fallen – a Gallery from our climate-changed world, year 2125

Urban Imag(in)ing
Florals Gallery
The PATH to Emptiness Gallery
Scanograms Gallery
Time & Motion – How we see the world, always in a hurry!

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Classics – a Gallery of my wet darkroom photos reaching back to the 70’s. What they call Analog Photography these days…

Travel – mainly some images from Dominican Republic

Social Commentary – A Gallery that is pretty self-explanatory

Nature & Landscape Gallery



Vaughan Juried Exhibition – Jurors’ Award of Merit: Floating Dock


Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts Juried Show – Best Photography: The Descent


Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts Juried Show – Best in Show/Jurors’ Choice Award: Canadian Idle
OSA Open Juried Show “Memory” – Japanese Paper Place Award: Too Cheap to Meter
Vaughan Juried Exhibition – Juror’s Award of Merit: Canadian Idle

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