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The Fallen - an exhibition from February, 2125
The Fallen – a Gallery from our climate-changed world, year 2125
Urban Imag(in)ing
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The PATH to Emptiness Gallery
Scanograms Gallery
Time & Motion – How we see the world, always in a hurry!

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Classics – a Gallery of my wet darkroom photos reaching back to the 70’s

Social Commentary – A Gallery that is pretty self-explanatory

Nature & Landscape Gallery



Vaughan Juried Exhibition – Jurors’ Award of Merit: Floating Dock


Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts Juried Show – Best Photography: The Descent


Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts Juried Show – Best in Show/Jurors’ Choice Award: Canadian Idle
OSA Open Juried Show “Memory” – Japanese Paper Place Award: Too Cheap to Meter
Vaughan Juried Exhibition – Juror’s Award of Merit: Canadian Idle

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The Fallen

Catalog of The Project Examining the Fall February, 2125 Preface We do not know the population of the Earth. We do not know the breadth of the empty lands or whether other areas thrive. We are 2,537. Protected by lakes and frequent rains that keep our forests from burning, we are safe and often comfortable. …


I often talk that art should challenge, make you think. Edginess has always been important in art, and some of my work certainly is. But serenity is important, too. In Kalashnikov’s Dream, I use his own words of regret, combined with images of child soldiers. If I could but lift this jewelled veil and set …

Modern landscapes

I have been investigating how we see landscape now. In the past, in Canada and in North America, landscape imagery has had a heroic aspect. Landscape paintings, mainly by the early Group of Seven, have formed our concepts of who and where we are. In reality, very few of us have been to the places …