Time & Motion gallery

I was recently asked by Jeff Nye to “lend” some images for use by a student interested in representing time and motion in photographs. The student curated a nice little online 3D gallery, which you can enjoy by clicking here. (Hint: Best way to view an image and get its title is to click on it. Zooming around the room is nice, too. Calm ocean view outdoors.)

Most of the text is the student’s, with some quotes from me.

My galleries are here. I think you’ll agree that seeing them in 3D is pretty cool.

Orphan Black

We’ve been bingeing on Orphan Black the past couple of weeks – combination of COVID-19 pandemic and the regular TV not working.

Of course, since it was shot in Toronto, we have spotted places we recognize.

When we got to the Season 4 Episode 1 (actually the season premier) we found that a critical scene was show in the back alley and stairwell where I shot a number of my graffiti pieces. It was fun to see Grenade and Ten in passing, as well as where the others are (or were… I haven’t been back).