Toronto Dec 2021

These images were taken in the course of two walks near and along Toronto’s waterfront. It was December 2021, in the midst of wave 4 of the pandemic. I chose to shoot in and for black and white images (or monochrome as the kids say…) with the camera custom-set for high contrast. What was behind my choices? A combination of the lighting, the weather and, of course, the pandemic.

As of mid-January 2022 I have printed a number of these images, and they look great. For some reason, I haven’t given them titles and, for the prints hanging here at home, I haven’t even signed them. Must be some reflection of the stark nature of the images. And the times.

By the way, I think you should display prints, rather than just having them on your computer or (shudder) phone. I will post on my blog to say why. Stay tuned. All of these are, of course, available for purchase.

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