New Topographics

New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape was an exhibition with several photographers, first put on in the mid-1970s. The images were straightforward, plain and unassuming, showing mainly buildings and other mundane aspects of the urban landscape. Many found it boring, but it created something of a movement in photography that continues today.

At the time of the original exhibition, I was still fairly new to photography, still self-teaching, and in the early years of my teaching (physics) career. But looking at my old negatives (two start off this gallery) I can see that I was sometimes in a “New Topographics” headspace, along with my more traditional landscape images. Here are some of my photographs, mostly recent, that I consider to be New Topographics.

The images below are from Newmarket.

A quick search online will put you in touch with many other photographers pursuing this line of imagery. For more on the original show and what came out of it, you can start on this article.

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