Blue Planet Project

The SkySchool Constellation Challenge

You've done the Messier List and the Herschel 100, and maybe even the Herschel 400. Now what? Well, here's the SkySchool Constellation Challenge! I've grouped the constellations in twelve different ways, some logical and normal, some goofy* and strange. I hope you have fun with them.

The Lists
  Introduction Word Text
1 The Circumpolars Word Text
2 The Zodiac Word Text
3 All the Pole Stars Word Text
4 The Andromeda Myth Word Text
5 Along the Milky Way Word Text
6 Naked-eye Messiers & NGCs Word Text
7 Heroes & Villains Word Text
8 Fish and Game Word Text
9 Wet Constellations Word Text
10 Seasonal Markers Word Text
11 Sparse Constellations Word Text
12 Horizon-huggers Word Text

* not to be confused with Pluto. There is no planet Goofy. Mind you, after recent decisions about Pluto, maybe there should be a planet Goofy, after all.....