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Contact and Sales Information

Email: kempton (at) pixsilver.com


My photographs are usually matted and framed, signed and numbered, in limited editions of 3, 5, or 10 prints. Except for images adjusted for use as computer desktops or, I do not sell over the Internet.

Sizes Prices (approximate) as of 2012 (all framed)
Small (5x7" or less)
Medium - up to 13" on longest side up to $200
Large - up to 17" on longest side
up to $400

I am in the process of making images available for desktops, smart phones, etc, at under $1.00 each. Stay tuned, or make a request.

Note: Prices of limited editions are affected by how many are left; as they sell, the price goes up for the remaining ones. As well, there are one-of images, mainly involving an element of multi-media sculpture, that are individually priced.